Members can now subscribe to any of your service listings. You can offer them 5%  - 20% discounts on every renewal as an incentive. It's a great way to lock in steady business for yourself, and provide valuable perks to your loyal clients.

You will see these options on your service form:

If you don't wish to offer a discount you can set it to 0%.

The SUBSCRIPTION BENEFITS field will show members any other perks they get for subscribing. Keep these to short phrases like: Priority Delivery, Video Chat, etc

Below is an example of what members will see at checkout:

Members will have the option to subscribe to your service on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. 

When a member subscribes, the system will create a new order in your Manage Sales area on every renewal date.

The orders work exactly the same as normal non-subscription orders. If needed you can modify or cancel any individual order, without cancelling the subscription.

You'll be able to track all your subscribers via the My Subscribers link.

Any questions, just reach out to our friendly help desk at