If you are taking some time off and want buyers to know you're currently unavailable for work, you can quickly and easily activate Vacation Mode. 

Once activated, your listings will no longer appear to buyers and your profile will show that you are currently on vacation. 


To switch on Vacation Mode:

1. Log in to your account. Then click on the circle in the upper right corner (the one with your profile image) to activate the drop-down menu (or three orange lines if you are accessing AirGigs from a mobile device).
2. Click on SELLER.

 3. Then select MY SERVICES. 

4. At the top of your services, you will see VACATION MODE which can be toggled on or off. 

When Vacation Mode is activated, your listings will not be visible to buyers and your profile will state that you are currently on vacation. When Vacation Mode has been switched off again, all of your listings will immediately be visible on AirGigs.