Our Projects Board is place for Airgigs users to post what they are seeking for a particular project. This includes a wide variety of services and it's a great opportunity for Airgigs pros to connect with buyers and send proposals.  Projects are listed in chronological order and it's a good idea to check back periodically as new posts are added regularly. 

If you have an Airgigs account and offer services you feel are a good fit, you may submit a proposal to a buyer. 

If you are a new seller, you will be able to send 10 proposals a month. This amount increases with the more positive reviews you receive. 

To send an offer, simply click on SEND PROPOSAL to the right of the project description. 

You can use AUTOFILL PROPOSAL at the top of the screen to use information from a service you already offer. Alternatively, you can fill out all the relevant info manually. 

Once you click the Submit button your offer will be sent to the buyer, who will contact you if interested.