On AirGigs you can promote your services in 2 ways:

1. Fixed price services

A fixed price service has fixed terms, such as price, delivery date, number of revisions, etc. All the visible listings when you browse AirGigs are fixed price services, Fixed price services are appealing to buyers because they can see that you have thought through all the aspects of your process / service, and have created transparent terms and pricing. When a buyer leaves a review for one of your fixed price services, it will appear on that specific service page. To create a fixed price you click the "Post a service" link under the "Seller" navigation menu item. 

2. Custom offers

Sometimes a buyer will have custom needs that fall outside your fixed price service offerings. In these cases, you can send them a custom offer. When a buyer leaves a review for a custom offer, it will appear on your profile page. Custom offers can be created and sent to buyers via the "My Custom Offers" page under the "Seller" navigation menu item.