There are a few ways to pay and start an order depending on where you start from.

From Message Inbox

If you have already begun a conversation with a seller, you will see a "HIRE" link on your message box - like below:

When you click that, it will open a new window with all of their existing service packages. If you click into any of those service packages, you will see the ORDER button for that service package. 

From a Service Page

If you haven't yet messaged a service provider, and you are browsing the categories of the site, you'll see many service listings. Each listing has a fixed price and can be ordered directly. When you click into a listing, there's an ORDER button.

From a Custom Offer

Service providers can also send you a "custom offer" which is a proposal that comes directly to your AirGigs message inbox. 

Service providers need to create and send you a custom offer before you can pay.

From Project Posts

If you've posted a project, then you will receive proposals from service providers, and within each individual proposal you will see the HIRE button.

To find all your proposals, go to My Posts and click into your project.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team at