The best place to begin is to setup a great and detailed listing here on AirGigs. That way our existing cliental can become aware of what you have to offer. Below are some other suggestions:

1. Start with great images. While images, may have nothing to do with what you can produce in the studio, they are the first thing that's going to grab a client's eye. So take your time, to find images that look great and convey your story and vibe - just like an album cover would.

2. Include sound and video clips. These days it doesn't take much to record a video of yourself talking directly to clients, You can take them into your studio, feature clips of you working / playing. Since our listing pages accept videos from Youtube, you can get added exposure for your AirGigs services by posting the video on Youtube. For audio clips we also allow you to add a Soundcloud Set to your listing page. Both these elements together give potential clients a real sense of what you're about and increase the likelihood of a booking exponentially.

3. Be really specific and detailed when setting up your service description. It's great to list a bunch of amazing credits, but does that really help a client know what it will be like to work with you? The listings on AirGigs that perform the best, are the ones that specify things like the maximum number of takes / revisions provided, maximum number of tracks (for mixing & mastering engineers), appropriate session file formats, etc. A lot of clients are new to this online format, so to be successful you have to really think through the process and be as detailed as possible.

4. Consider the 100% Guarantee and custom sample options. These are not for everyone, but when you're just starting out, it may be a helpful to bring in the first few clients. You can remove them at any time, should you reconsider.

5. Feature your listing. When feature your listing, it goes to the top of all listings on the home page, main browse page and category pages. It's is a great way to enhance visibility (1 month duration). A listing must be priced at $75 or more to be eligible to be featured.

6. Do some market research. It's always wise to compare your listing to other listings that have some solid reviews. Do you offer similar or greater value? Is your presentation as strong as the other listings? 

7. Get a few good reviews. Reviews from paying clients go a long way toward attracting new clients. 

8. Send us a blog post idea for the AirGigs blog  (, or a video for our Youtube / Facebook channel. We love to publish member articles on music production, gear, etc. as well as videos showcasing you and your studios. Videos and blog posts are a great way to get some added exposure.

9. Promote vía social media. If you have some social profiles setup, then be sure to share your AirGigs listings on there. You can tag us too, and our social media manager may repost it. It's a great free way to get your listings some extra traffic and strengthen their visibility in the search engines (SEO). 

10. Include a link to your AirGigs listings on your website and on relevant forums. Many members are active on popular music forums and including a link back to your AirGigs services in your signature can be a great way to let people know you do online sessions.